The 13th Edition Of Iran Football Pro League

Client: Islamic Republic Of Iran Football Federation

Type: Civic & Public

Status: Built

Area: 100 sqm

Date: 2014


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Farshad Farhad

Construction:┬áMorteza Alinia Moghadam – Farshad Farhad

Presentation: Farshad Farhad – Fatemeh Asad Soleimany

Project Description:

In the formation of the Premier League stage project, we had a lot of operational constraints, the project should have been design in such a way that it could be assembled and used in a short time (15 minutes).

Its design was done in such a way that entrance pathway of players, medal award and their exit would be completely obvious. Also, a space for handing the championship cup was considered.

Finally, a gateway was considered to define the space for handing the cup and the placement of players on the stage. Also, considering to the name of the tournament as Persian Gulf, a design of this Gulf was placed in front of the stage by laser cutting to match the name of the competition.

Also, in order to provide speed and quality in the execution, the project was divided into four distinct parts, which by placing each part together the main design of the project is formed.