About Us


The HERAM Architecture Office was founded in 2016 by Morteza AliNia Moghadam and Hamid Babaei for consulting in design and implementation of construction projects in Tehran.

Hamid Babaei was borned in 1981 in Tehran , he graduated in Civil Engineering from Azad University of Tehran with an international diploma of interior design and has more than 15 years experience in design and implementation of various construction projects as well as interior design and reconstruction.

Morteza AliNia Moghadam is an architect and professor of the university, he was borned in Qazvin in 1987. He is graduated in master of architecture in 2014 from Qazvin Azad University. In his thesis he focused on the relationship between concept of art and phenomenological approach to architecture. and is still pursuing interdisciplinary research in this field.

He was employed and experienced in the field of professional work while studying at the offices of his professors and in 2013 he was invited to teach at universities in the country and began to work on a social cultural and geographical with a different approach. After gaining his experience of 7 years in his teaching staff in 2016, along with his friend and colleague Hamid Babaei, he founded the HERAM Architecture Office.


The HERAM Architecture Office is active in the field of architecture, interior design and urban design with the goal of creating quality spaces that fit the scale and soul of the human body.

The main approach of the office is to attempt to design new and man-made spaces focusing on details of construction and execution, taking into account the existing geographic and social context. The office moves forward with using young and creative coworkers to form avant-garde architecture and with this view, it has won several prestigious inside of Iran and international awards.

This office is trying to establish a proper and close relationship between architecture and community  and the quality of the contact’s life will increase by creating an appropriate situation.