NO.6 Apartment

Client: Mohammad Mehdiabadi

Location: QAZVIN – IRAN

Type: Residential

Status: Design

Area: 800 sqm

Date: 2017


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Hamid Babaei

Modeling & Rendering :Marziyeh Golshahi

Presentation:┬áBahareh Sheisi – Andishe Oskoui

Project Description:

In this project, we tried to come to a suitable pattern and a model generalizable to similar residential projects by using a regular and geometric structure.

Using a longitudinal and transverse reticulation that divides the project into regular frames, we came to a structure that can be used in apartment projects of varying widths and heights.

Each of these reticules will have different openings based on their interior space, according to the plan, some of these reticules become project terraces.

The project was also formed in white and red colors. On the other hand, in order to create a connection with the city and also spaces for urban advertising, the two cubes were used that are rotated in each other, which the exterior layer was used in connection with the city and for urban advertising, and the interior layer was used for passengers waiting.