NO.4 Apartment

Client: Dr Haj Seyed Javadi

Location: QAZVIN , IRAN

Type: Residential

Status: built

Area: 930 sqm

Date: 2015


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam

Construction: Hamid Bajelan

Drawing: Elham Lotfi

Modeling & Rendering: Mohamadreza Abdollahi

Photo: Majid saeidi , Mojtaba saeidi

Presentation: Elika Zarei


| Qazvin Architect Award _ 2014 | 2nd Place

Grand M’emar Award_2016|Semi Finalist|Residential

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Project Description:

The external wall is a part of the project that has the most relationship with the

city and it is like the eye of the project. However, we see that façade is considered just for providing the light in recent years and inside functions and space qualities for the project are not considered. The external wall of the building has double functions, it has to be in harmony with inside function of the project, on the other hand it has to find its relationship with city and context.

No 4 apartment is a project that the client wanted three independent units that on of them was a duplex unit. It was our main challenge and forced us to use from this feature in designing the external wall. This manifest can keep the harmony of the inside and outside part of the project and it can be provided according to the needs of the user and city context.

We tried to look at this challenge from other angle and paid attention to space qualities and inside functions in order to provide environmental and psychological peace for the user and this project can be mentioned as a distinctive urban project.

This project has designed in four floors in three separated units and the third and fourth floors are duplex. The main problem in designing the external wall was keeping the harmony with inside events of the building and showing them in external wall according to available space qualities in plan. In this way, the spaces that are located in front of the building and city, can affect on external wall ( light, opening proportions, material ).

The cube that is shaped with expose iron, has caused to design a coordinate and integrated duplex unit. Wood louvers and shaped according to the plan functions and needs for the light. These functions according to the inside events of building has affected on the external wall and has caused the facade keeps its relationship with the city and available context and it is in harmony with the plan an inside events of the building and it is shaped according to psychological peace of the users.

Harmonizing inside and outside of the project was a challenge that was mentioned in the project and we tried to answer it. This problem was mentioned in all construction projects, but it wasn’t considered a lot. This project is a manifestation to care about the concept of residence and the life quality in it.