Mirmiran Award

Client: Mirmiran Architecture Foundation

Location: TEHRAN – IRAN

Type: Competition

Status: Design

Date: 2015


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Farshad Farhad – Sepideh Valiahdi


Selected in 9th cycle of Mirmiran Architecture Award (Bionic Arcitecture)



Project Description:

The bionic architecture is an Approach that Inspired by nature for creativity and innovation in Architectural designs and it solves the Technical architecture problems through the Benchmarking of nature.


Human architecture natural inspiration the bee architecture

Phrases and keywords that were helping in the formation of ideas:

-Architecture is the art science of forming the living space.

-The relationship between man, nature and architecture is a fact that embrace all of the theoretical, philosophical and research sience.

-Design processes based on the nature and biological patterns.

-Select the desired phenomena in nature identify the biological properties identify the characteristics of the architecture.

-Home and architecture in the Qur'an

Honey is nature's most sophisticated architects-

-Bees live social and build their required spaces instinctive.

-In a comparison of algebraic and numerical can be found that mathematical relationship

Between honey and honey wax in Hexagon far more than the square and the circle one.

-Also, by establishing a mathematical relationship, it can be concluded that number of rooms in Hexagon, independent of the size of the hive, the rate of 15.4 percent is higher than other states.

-Mathematicians found that the best way for build a ware house and maximum amount of saving is division of page into Hexagon because less hexagonal environment, causes the bees, apply less wax to build the hive.

-When bees leaving a hive and migrate to the new hive, prefer to transfer the wax in the old hive into the new one, instead of making a new wax.(Stability and reused in the construction of the hive)

-One of the most resistant structures that used in different sciences such as civil structures, missile structures, aviation industry , is honey comb structure, which is derived from the structure of the hexagonal honey comb.

-"And thy Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees, and in (men's) habitations"(68-Nahl)