Interior Design Of Brand Tech Company

Client: Shahriar Shafiee/Brand Tech Company

Location: TEHRAN – IRAN

Type: Office/Interior

Status: Design

Area: 450 sqm

Date: 2017


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Hamid Babaei

Modeling & Rendering: Bahareh Sheisi

Presentation: Andishe Oskoui

Project Description:

The project was the rebuilding of a large office unit, which the client demanded to differentiate its functional spaces according to the educational needs of the office. The client also was interested in seeing the extent of space.Considering the project implementation limitations, and also the needs of the client, the most important issue of design was the spatial separation of the project with transparency and maintaining visual coherence. Thus, the glass material was used for partition separating the public space (lobby and waiting room) and private space (space leading to the directorship and assistant room), as well as the partition separating the training space and the waiting room. Alongside the glass, a space was embedded for clients to seat, and also some glasses were designed as sandblasts for creating diversity in the space. The use of transparent material (glass) led to creation of continuity of vision in the environment, as well as the vastness of space being seen. At the end, cable structures were used to create an attractive space and diversity in the shape of glass partitions in the front part of the glass.