Unit NO.12

Client: Shahriar Ebadi

Location: TEHRAN , IRAN

Type: Residential/Interior

Status: Built

Area: 70 sqm

Date: 2015


Architect: Hamid Babaei

Construction: Hamid Babaei

Project Description:

The unit number 12 is the reconstruction of a 70 square meter residential unit, which, given the small space of the project, creating the continuity in the totality of the project was one of the most important issues. This continuity was formed through the false ceiling as well as the color of the walls. Also, to locate each function, a definition was defined for each of them through the wall and ceiling. To define the T.V space, a decorative stone was chosen, and a definition of dining space was also made using lighting and false ceilings. In the project, we tried to reach a coherent and integrated environment with minimal cost and minimal interference to provide user environment comfort.