Hashtgerd Bus station

Client: Hashtgerd Municipality

┬áLocation: Hashtgerd – IRAN

Type: Civic & Public

Status: Design

Area: 40 sqm

Date: 2013


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam

Modeling & Rendering: Mohamadreza Abdolahi

Presentation: Bahare sheisi – Fatemeh Asad Soleymani

Project Description:

In order to unify the bus stations in Hashtgerd, we formed the project using an existing identity in this city. All the elements that are implemented by the municipality on the city level are in red and white. Using this and in order to coordinate with urban collections, the project was also formed in white and red. On the other hand, the two cubes that are rotated in each other were used to create a connection with the city as well as a space for urban advertising. The outer layer is used in connection with the city and for urban advertising, and the interior layer is used for the waiting space of passengers