Cube boutique

Client: Saeed Kakavand

Location: QAZVIN – IRAN

Type: Commerical/Interior

Status: Design

Area: 200 sqm

Date: 2017


Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Hamid Babaei

Modeling & Rendering: Marzieh Golshahi

Presentation: Bahareh sheisi – Andishe Oskoui

Project Description:

This project is the reconstruction of a shop space with area of about 200 square meters and with one half-story (balcony). The employer needed a space for placement of men's, women's and children's stuff. Considering the geometry of the project, the organization of the space was formed in such a way that the front part of the store was assigned as the place for placement of the men's stuff, the end of the project which was located under the balcony was assigned to children's stuff, and top balcony was assigned to women's stuff. Due to this organization, the employer's need was formed for creating separate spaces for various clothes. To create a new atmosphere, the project is defined in two layers, the layer on the wall and the ceiling and their underlying layer which appears by cutting. So that by cutting the ceiling and wall, a space was formed for placement of clothes and goods. Clothes that needed regal (hanging).

A volume was formed inside which was suspended from the ceiling to the ground or vice versa. Stuff that needed to be classified were also placed inside the walls. It was possible to add the second layer of the project by cutting the ceiling and the wall. This layer, after cutting the wall and the ceiling, showed itself as wooden logs. This strategy results in a project in two levels, which, when placed side by side, creates a dialogue between these two levels. This dialogue show itself in the form and the material. The project's facade was also formed based on the same two-layer strategy that created a combination of materials and surfaces.