Arash Restaurant

Client: Mr.Soleymani

Location: Mohammadieh – QAZVIN – IRAN

Type: Commercial/Interior

Status: Design

Area: 420 sqm

Date: 2014

Architect: Morteza Alinia Moghadam – Farshad Farhad

Drawing: Farshad Farhad

Modeling & Rendering: Amirhosein hoseiny

Presentation: Farshad Farhad – Fatemeh Asad Soleymani

Project Description:

Arash Restaurant is a two and a half-story reconstruction project. The structure of the project space allowed us to put different functions (traditional foods, coffee shop and fast food) into separate floors. Creating a continuum in the ceiling and the walls also made the project to be seen as a single totality, and eventually, by using colors, we created a definite definition for each floor.
In the design of the facade, due to the possibility of proper viewing from inside and outside, a large part of the facade was devoted to the glass, and a space was also considered for the greenspace.